Israeli Fantasy Book "Ziva" – by Dr. Shai Pasternak

"Ziva" is a fantasy book for children age 8 and above. Like the "Harry Potter" books, "Ziva" is equally appealing to adults as well.

"Ziva" belongs to the small but rapidly developing genre of original Israeli fantasy literature. Although the book has an Israeli flavor, it is easily adaptable to any language, and can appeal to readers of all cultures and backgrounds. 

The book tells the story of some children who found a very brightly colored chameleon in the forest. They named her Ziva, which in Hebrew means luminous or radiant. The children soon found that Ziva grew to a length of about twenty feet, and was invisible to adults. Having this tool at their disposal, the children embark on an uninhibited spree of destruction, which puts them at odds with their parents, their teachers, and the police. After a complicated series of events, including an adventurous voyage into the "Land of Chameleons", the children conclude a happy ending to the ordeal, and make up for past wrongs.

"Ziva" is characterized by a fast-paced narrative, plenty of humor, and   hidden philosophical and psychological meanings.

"Ziva" is the first book to be published by Shai Pasternak, a medical doctor, practitioner of alternative medicine (Ayurveda and Bach Flower Remedies), and the author of numerous articles, short stories and poems, which were published in various Israeli newspapers. He is related to Russian author Boris Pasternak and to Italian author Augusto Bachi.

"Ziva" is currently available from all major Israeli bookshops or directly from this website.

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